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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Afternoon update

Finally talked to the doctor this afternoon. We have been waiting for the results from his head ultrasound and they just told us that everything looked good. He will get another heart echo in the morning, so we are praying for some good news tomorrow too. Thank you all for your support!

Morning update

Baby B looked much better this morning, his eyes are not nearly as swollen. The Dr. had changed his diuretic medicine yesterday and it has really made a difference in his fluid retention.

The radiology tech took an ultrasound of his head and we are anxiously waiting for the results.
They do not expect to have those results until this afternoon. That is IF we get lucky. The hospital is very full and radiology is having a hard time keeping up.

They are planning to do another heart echo in the morning and hoping the pressure in the lungs will have come down a bit due to the new diuretic taking affect. We have our fingers crossed.

Thank you for all the comments, e-mails, visits, cards, and especially for the prayers. Where would we be if we could not turn to the Lord in prayer? We are so fortunate to have so many that love and care for us. Please keep praying!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Report from Daddy @ 4:15p

G just called and said the following...
The pressure in B's lungs and heart are down slightly but not what they are wanting. They will meet with a cardiologist tomorrow and determine whether they want to close the PDA or not. They are increasing his Oxygen and gas again in hopes it will relax the lungs. He is puffy and his urine output has slowed so they have changed his diuretic to a drip. His liver looks ok. They are going to do a CT tomorrow to see if something is going on in B's brain that would cause the high pressures. B will have a repeat echo on Thursday and daily chest XRays.

G spoke with my hubby earlier and said today has been a really rough day for both of them. Waiting for all these reports is so hard. :( Keep those prayers going strong. Its going to be a long road ahead for them.

Report as of 11:00 from momma

No big changes in B's status. He will have to have a blood transfusion which is really hard to hear as a parent. The nurses were great in reassuring M and G that this is very common and occurs to 90% of their babies at some point. M sounded scared and exhausted when we talked:(.

Today is a big day. The Dr.'s had kind of put B on hold in hopes he would get better over the weekend with little treatment. Today they are running the tests to show whether there has been improvement or not. So getting those echo results back will tell a lot I feel.

Please continue to pray for all of them. I will fill all of you in once I hear back from them this afternoon.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lunch with girls yesterday and results of today

Here is the report as of today.

No improvement on his XRAY:(. Blood count is down now to 34. O2 levels were elevated so they backed off the O2. They have to re-due his pic-line and take out the navel line due to risk of infection and replacing it with an arterial line. They are flipping him onto his belly in hopes of helping with his lungs.

Here are a few pix from yesterday. They were able to be with the girls, which was such a special treat for everyone.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday B

B is starting to show some improvement today. His lung XRay came back showing improvement in his lungs. Which was so great to hear. His blood counts seem to be stable and they were able to decrease the amount of oxygen on his vent. At this point what we know is he continues to have fluid in his lungs, an enlarged heart, 4 holes in his tiny little heart, a open PDA, etc. We hope to know more Monday. The goal is for these holes and possibly even the PDA to close on their own. But first off we are hoping to improve his lung function.

Please continue to pray for our sweet baby boy. We were told today we will be here longer then expected, which was heart breaking but we know it is necessary. We are enjoying the visitors so much and have received sweet emails and many calls. We are so appreciative for all of your support and most of all prayers for our precious son.

These are a few pictures from his 1 week birthday. We are so anxious to hold him!!!

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