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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This past weekend, my sister-in-law, her three kids, and my mother-in-law came from Texas to visit. Greg was in Texas hunting with his dad and some buddies, so it was just us girls and 6 kids under the age of 4 until the boys came home on Sunday!!! Whew!! The kids played so well together while us girls enjoyed visiting. They headed back to Texas today.

It's hard to believe Bryson turned 7 months yesterday! (He shared his "birthday" with our other son, Ruger, our 7 year old Weimerheiner)

  • He drinks out of a sippy cup and loves green beans and peas.
  • I keep thinking he will crawl any day, just hasn't mastered it quite yet.
  • He loves his Jumperoo and will sit in it for hours.
  • Loves his bath! He will stay and splash as long as you'll let him.
  • Still very much a momma's boy. ( that's how I like it!)
Chaney is going to start taking gymnastics at a local gym on Mondays. I think I am as excited as she is. She has been to the gym for a friends birthday party and she has begged to go back ever since. I also know the sweet girl, Kristen, that owns the gym. It is literally 3 minutes from our house!
We recently celebrated Rylee Kate's 2nd birthday here at the house. Our family and a few friends came over for pizza and cookie. Each kid decorated a pie pumpkin to take home, they turned out so cute.

My babies are growing so fast! Sorry about overloading you with all of the pictures!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Lone Star State

We made a quick trip to Texas this past weekend to visit my in-laws in Nacogdoches. The kids enjoyed visiting Grams, Nana, Pops, and Grandmother. This was Bryson's first trip down there and his first time to meet one of his three great grandmothers! I hate that I didn't take many pictures, it just seemed like the time flew by! We went to eat with some good friends and family at a great restaurant called Clear Springs. We make it a point to eat there every time we are in Nacogdoches. We had a HUGE table and it was hard to visit with everyone so we stood outside and visited a while afterwards. I did manage to snap a couple pictures with my phone before we left.

Bryson is now 6 months old, weighs about 20lb. and is rolling, rolling all the time. He is able to sit up alone for just a minute before he starts falling forward. I haven't started him on baby food yet, but I will soon. He is such a good eater!
B is sleeping about 10 hours a night. Goes to bed by 9:00 and up at about 7:00. I am still working part time so the kids go to the babysitter 2 or 3 times a week.
Rylee Kate is really talking now and can carry on a conversation. I can't believe she will turn 2 next weekend! We plan on just having a small party at the house with family and a few friends.
Chaney is growing big also and can spell her name and write half of it with no help. I need to spend a little more time with her and I know she would have it down in no time. She is a very quick learner and is very smart. We are very blessed. She has memorized all her books of the New Testament and can sing the apostles song. (Thanks to Mrs. Amber!)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Big boy

Sorry I have not updated in a while. I am not good at making time to do it!! B is doing great, growing like a little weed! Bryson is just a little over 5 months and weighs about 19lb. Everytime I go to pick him up at the babysitter's, it seems he's grown in just that 8 hour time.

We only have to go to the Pediatrician every two months for shots now. I did talk to nurse Renee the other day and she told me they are trying to get our insurance to approve a series of vaccines for B that are supposed to prevent RSV. The catch is the vaccine is about $2,000 a dose and B would recieve a shot every 28 days for 6 months! Because of Bryson's heart condition, she is pretty sure he will be approved. RSV can be VERY serious and even well babies that catch it can end up on ventilators.
We are planning a trip to Texas to visit Greg's family in September. We are excited about the visit and Greg is anxious to show off the kids. It is a 6 and a half hour (minimum) drive so we plan on leaving at night so the kids will sleep.

Monday, July 13, 2009

No more Little Rock

We took Bryson last Thursday to Children's for his check up with his cardiologist, Dr. Best. He weighs 14lb. 10oz. and is almost 25 inches long!!! They did a heart echo and found all 3 holes are getting smaller!!! The 2 holes in the bottom, VSDs, are tiny! Dr.Best said they sound like water squirting through pin holes and the hole in the top, ASD, is small! When we had our last echo, 3 months ago, the top hole was categorized as moderate to large in size. Dr. Dyamenhali, who took care of Bryson in CVICU, helped with the echo and doesn't think B will have to have another surgery! Dr. Best took him off two of his medicines so he now only takes one medicine twice a day. He released us for 6 months and we don't have to come back to Little Rock. We will be able to go to the Regional Childrens Clinic in Lowell. This clinic is a branch of Children's Hospital so we will get to see the same cardiologists.
Bryson is sleeping pretty well and is getting up about twice a night to eat. We've discovered he's quite tickilish and will even laugh out loud every once in a while. He's beginning to grab at the toys on his bouncy swing and carrier and is sometimes successful in getting ahold of them. He loves his big sisters and they're great help. (most of the time) Every once in a while Rylee might accidently be a little rough. :)

Monday, June 29, 2009


We went to a local park the other night and met Ginny. The kids loved it and about wore us out pushing them in the swings. I guess that means we're outta shape!?

We went to the rodeo about a week ago to watch Blake's girlfriend Amanda sing the National Anthem and she also ran for Queen. She won 3 awards!! We enjoyed it but about sweat to death during the 3 hours we sat out in the sun with next to no breeze!

Bryson is now 3 months...where has the time gone? We are so thankful for this little miracle and we are loving every moment. He is now about 13lbs. (maybe even 14lbs.!) Once he started growing, he didn't stop.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What a wonderful world

We went to visit Great grandma and grandpa today. I cut grandpa's hair while the girls played outside and grandma rocked Bryson. We are lucky they live close so we can visit often.

Momma's handsome boy!

Ginny got the girls these sweet dresses last weekend when she went to Canton, TX. They're adorable! Thanks Ginny!

Bryson got to visit with another great grandma on Memorial Day. He just smiled and smiled. I guess great grandma has the touch. (I guess she would since she had 8 kids of her own and now over 60 GREAT grandchildren and even 5 GREAT GREAT grandchildren!!)

I took Bryson for a weight check last Wednesday and he weighed 10lb. 10oz.!! What a hoss! Dr. Froman said he looked and sounded great. No more weight checks for a month or so. :) We are so thankful for all the good news we have continued to receive since Bryson has been home. God has truly blessed us with 3 beautiful children. p.s I weighed Bryson at home today and he weighed 11lb. 5oz.!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tippin' the Scales

I decided to go ahead and take Bryson in to the pediatrician yesterday morning for his cough and stuffy/runny nose. His nose was making it hard for him to fall asleep with his pacifier in so he was having trouble sleeping for two nights. Dr. Froman said he looked and sounded great other than the slight fever and stuffy nose. The best news is: She still didn't hear the murmur and he had gained almost a POUND in about a week!! He now weighs 9lb. 12oz.!

Here are Bryson's 2 month pictures. Thank you for the continued prayers on Bryson's behalf, we know our Father is listening.

This one is for you Ginny! (She loves the little gowns!)