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Monday, January 18, 2010

It's been a while

Our little Daniel Boone!! We took Bryson to Children's for his cardiology check
up last Wednesday. He got a great report! No more medicine
and we don't have to go back for a year!!!

Foster and Chaney
Laney is in the background playing her DS

Bryson with his coone skin cap that Uncle Blake got him.

Bryson 9 months

Chaney and Rylee Kate riding Trixie

Chaney's 4th Birthday party (My first attempt at making a tiered cake, couldn't
be that hard, right??...wrong!!! I did a HORRIBLE job. Next time, I will pay the
money to have a PROFESSIONAL do it! ha ha

Pepaw, Ginny, and Bryson


The kids in their Chritmas outfits in front of the tree

Aunt Alesha and B

Rylee Kate, Bryson, Chaney

Bryson's 1st haircut (He's had two more since!!)

Our White Christmas! We were so excited to have snow for Christmas this year,
but it didn't go exactly as planned. I took Rylee to the doctor the Wednesday
of Christmas week and were told she had H1N1 flu! We needed to stay away
from Bryson so she and I stayed at the condo till Saturday. We (I) was
bummed to miss Christmas, but we just opened our gifts on Saturday.
Just one day late, could've been worse!
Chaney got this little purse and hat from her Ginny
Daddy and Bryson

Just us 5 celebrated Chaney's bithday on her actual birthday.
Her party was post-poned because of Rylee Kate's flu.

My "attempt" to make her a cake. It looked like a giant donut!! Ha

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